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I am Paula S. Jordan, a lifelong reader of science fiction and fantasy, a former orbit analyst for NASA and NOAA, and a long-time writer in a variety of fields. Now, at last, I am getting back to my roots.

 My stories are science fiction, unless they’re southern. Some are both, with an occasional foray into fantasy. I blog about reading, writing, things I learn on the way to writing, and anything else I like, posting weekly, alternately here on my Wordshop blog and the group science fiction and fantasy blog at DarkCargo.com.

I have published a novelette and two stories in the field so far, all in Analog.

Both “Two Look At Two” (April, 2011) and its sequel, the novelette “Vooorh,” (July/August, 2014,) were  adapted from the first novel of a contemporary alien contact series set in the mountains of western North Carolina. Both the first and the second novel of the series are in progress and advancing steadily.

“The Gift of Unbinding” (May 2001,) my first published story, is a near-future look at Humanity’s first permanent steps beyond Earth. Other stories, fantasy as well as science fiction, are also in development.


Analog 3

All content copyright Paula S. Jordan 2011-2014

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