Do You Collect Libraries?

I do. From the single small room where I saw my first book with a rocket ship on the cover, to the beautiful, impressively stocked study at the Biltmore House, to the splendid structures and collections of the British Library and the Library of Congress. They’re all right here in my head, ready to browse whenever I’m stuck in traffic or a check-out line and longing for the sight and scent of high-rising shelves of books.

And my collection is growing! Thanks to Darcy McClelland on Facebook, I’ve been introduced to an on-line collection of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World .

Consider this Shanghai-La of books for the literary adventurer.

Trinity College Library, Dublin
Trinity College Library, Dublin

Couldn’t you just move into this place and stay for a while?  Become the “Bartleby the Scrivener” of Dublin?  I sure could.

But if this doesn’t suit your fancy, there are 149 more in this collection to choose from. And more are being added regularly.

So, what libraries would you like to add to the list?