Second Draft Workshop: Online Resources

Articles on Second Drafts

Editing the Second Draft  by Julie Rowe, copyright 2007

How To Write a Second Draft by Scott Berkun
All rights reserved unless otherwise noted

So You Finished Your First Draft — Now What?  By Jody Meadows

Articles on Structure, Plot, and Story

5 thoughts on Plot and Story
Discussion on a blog post by Paula S. Jordan,, May 18, 2013,
Copyright 2013-2015 by Paula S. Jordan

Plot v Structure.doc   (excerpt) – Sundberg
Blog post, Ingrid’s Notes June 17, 2013

The 5 Essential Story Ingredients
Writers Digest Guest Column by Steven James
May 9, 2014

Articles and Diagrams on Structure

The Two Pillars of Novel Structure
Writers Digest Guest Column by James Scott Bell
March 14, 2013

The Three Act Structure: Three Acts, Fractals and Omkara

The 3-Act structure (take two): Cheat Sheet: Seven Point Story Structure

The Five Act Structure: 5-Act structure

The Six-Act, Two Goal Structure: The Author Salon

Articles and Diagrams on Plot

Plot Plotting by Sara Wilson Etienne
Plotting discussion and diagrams.

And the Plot Thickens by Dora Hiers
The Hero’s Journey and more

The Lester Dent Story and Plotting Formula

Lester Dent, the creator of Doc Savage, produced a sort of down-and-dirty but extremely effective (for its day) plotting scheme for short fiction. It brought him fame and fortune. Really.

His simple formula can be easily converted to novel lengths and may well be useful in particular instances today.

The Man Behind Doc Savage by Michael Mallory

Original Lester Dent Formula

Karen Woodward’s 5-post blog series on Dent’s formula:

I have added the Part numbers to keep things straight.
Part O (Yes, I know there is no O in Roman numerals) is sort of a rough start-up of the project, Parts I through V are more polished.

Part O – Lester Dent’s Short Story Formula

Part I – Lester Dent’s Short Story Master Formula

Part II – Lester Dent: How To Write A 6,000 Word Short Story: The First Quarter

Part III – Lester Dent’s Master Fiction Formula: The Second 1,500 Words

Part IV – Lester Dent’s Master Fiction Formula: The Third 1,500 Words

Part V – Lester Dent’s Master Fiction Formula: The Fourth And Final 1,500 Words

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