Second Draft Workshop Topics

Any or all of these topics — and others! — may be discussed, as participants require.

Editing Toward The Second Draft

Three Main Story Requirements: (main story elements)
Build the Character. Advance the plot. Build the world.
Goals for the second draft:
Produce sound novel structure and rough length for further development.
——- Form and function of commonly used structure styles.
——- Desirable length for science fiction.
Note key issues to be addressed in editing toward the Third Draft.
ASK THIS QUESTION at any point of uncertainty about the text:
How does this line/paragraph/chapter/subplot /character further the story?
If the answer is ”it doesn’t” out it goes.
General tool list for editing the first draft:
Sequencing, cutting/amplifying, world and character adjustment
Editing tasks to meet second draft goals:
Identify needed edits and develop a plan for addressing them.
—— Identify and correct structural issues.
—— Identify and improve major novel and scene length issues.
—— Be sure to protect what’s working correctly and what you need.
When you have a rough but well structured second draft:
Beta readers.
Make changes that make sense to you, especially when the readers all agree.
Re-read your good but still somewhat rough second draft to see where you stand.
You probably have a draft or more to go, depending on what your novel needs.
When all the drafts are done, do one more. That is the final polish.

Shortening Your Novels

Desirable length for science fiction.
First things to cut.
Deeper cuts.
Splitting a book.

When Very Serious Cuts Are Required

Clues and helpful questions for deciding on deep cuts.
Getting started:on really deep cuts.
Need to kill a character to reduce length? Really?
Re-plot altered novel, mark story elements of each subplot.
May not need to kill a whole subplot.

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